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Ricky – Denzel Curry


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In certain neighborhoods, backyard fights are a way of life. Rapper Denzel Curry pays homage to the violent art in the Twelve’len-directed visual for his latest single “Ricky,” a track that was named after his father. Curry’s brother was also a backyard brawler, so the artist linked up with fighter Dada 5000 who was featured in Dawg Fight, a 2005 documentary about the sport.

Quotable Lyrics

I’ma act, one, two, stop the track, bring it back, what it do
See Ricky said “Never let nobody get the one up on you”
If they run up on you, hit ’em with a one, two
Or a bitch slap, leave the cul-de-sac you’re brothers gon’ have your back regardless
And stick with your day one homies that was here before you started

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